• Chimbote ceramic from Ancient Peru

Myths, animals, divine beings. Indians of South America

A variety of indigenous cultures, which originated long before the European invasion, have significantly influenced the development of Latin America, from the southern border of the U.S. to the tip of Tierra del Fuego.

Items from the pre-Colombian cultures are currently on display in the permanent exhibition. The best known of the continent’s early inhabitants are the Incas, whose state in its heyday extended over 4,000 kilometres from present-day Ecuador to Chile. There are many exhibits from even older, pre-Incan cultures such as those of the Wari, Moche and Nazca, as well as individual items from Central America. Ceramic vessels, artistic stone sculptures and gold objects tell us about the ancient world of the gods, about relationships between people, animals and plants and about conflict and war, although they are still not all easy to interpret.

Textiles from various regions of Latin America are also presented, which provide an insight into the historical development and modern perspectives of indigenous Latin America.

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